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Ste7en.com was founded in 1999 in Atlanta, GA.

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The founder Steve Matthews

Previously, the web administrator/technical lead for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Employed by Northrop Grumman to work as a member of the NCCDPHP Web Development Team. Working on-site given the opportunity to interact with on-site and remote staff and customers, prioritize projects, offer solutions and provide assistance and direction to all team members and customers.
Possess the ability to organize and manage several projects at once, while remaining extremely flexible to changing deadlines and priorities. Performing these tasks requires a high degree of autonomy and independent decision-making while providing daily support to all of NCCDPHP Web sites. It is also important to develop and maintain visually aesthetic pages, while successfully ensuring architectural and functional integrity to effectively communicate nationally relevant information. Also supports a team by analyzing functionality of Web sites and proofing technical content to insure section 508 compliancy.

Steve is am a dynamic performer who is strongly motivated to propose innovative technological solutions corresponding to customer needs and standards while developing new Web sites and continuing to serve existing customers. Conducting formal and informal Web related consultation for internal/external staff and clients and Steve has taken it upon himself to research and train internal/external staff and customers.

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Points of interest

  1. Lead role in Intranet/Internet related activities including direct point of contact, content review, creation, design, navigation, correspondence, training, and maintenance.
  2. Responsible for bringing usability and information architecture to a number of CDC division web sites, bringing the sites back to life and creating potential for growth.
  3. Technical lead reviewing Internet and Intranet content for technical compliance with Federal Government standards and consistency before being published.
  4. Project manager for vendor testing and product implementation.
  5. Highly skilled in section 508 standards following strict HTML guidelines to insure 508 compliancy. Lead conversions of PDF documents to section 508 compliancy; giving the customer an option between print materials, HTML versions, or both.
  6. Motivated to implement new ideas by creating mock-ups and wire-frames to be used as reference for site creation.
  7. Project Manager: Responsible for managing site control, delegation of task responsibility and ensuring assignments are complete.

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